COVID-19 Emergency response

Maddie's Cart and Mississippi Pizza Partnership

Under usual circumstances, Maddie’s Cart volunteers prepare, package, and deliver food to the houseless in Portland, OR. But these aren’t usual circumstances, and with the COVID-19 outbreak, our volunteers can’t work closely together in the kitchen to cook meals for the most vulnerable in our city. 

That’s why Maddie’s Cart has partnered with Mississippi Pizza to help feed those in need and to support a local restaurant during these challenging times. Pizza is easy to transport, easy to eat and share, and it's nutritious. The incredible staff at Mississippi Pizza is preparing about 100 pizzas each week for us to deliver to the houseless. Although we’re receiving a generous discount, it will still cost Maddie’s Cart about $1000 each week (4 times our normal food budget) to pay for those delicious pies. 

We need your help. Through your donation, you’ll be supporting the staff of Mississippi Pizza and providing pizza to those who are hungry.

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COVID-19 has made it particularly challenging for the houseless to reliably access food and for our local restaurants to stay in business. Our friends living outside are hungry and their options are very limited. Your gift will buy Mississippi Pizza pies for the houseless.

Thank you for your donation!

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